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jQuery Tagit Demo Page

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Hidden Select

Normally the select is hidden, however we have shown it for this demo so you can see how it operates!

Initial Tags

You can manually specify tags in your markup by adding list items to the unordered list!

Allowing Spaces

By overriding the trigger keys you can have spaces, comma's and any other character in your tags!


By passing a function in for tagsChanged you can preform your own events too!




You can limit both the maximum and minimum amount of, and characters per tag!

Maximum of 5 tags and 5 characters per tag.

Sortable : true

You can allow the tags to be sortable by dragging the entire tag!

Sortable : handle

Or only draggable by a handle!

Custom Autocomplete

You can hack into the autocomplete dropdown to display custom data!
While this demo could be done using either the themeroller or normal version for simplicities sake we have only created this particular demo using themeroller.
Please Click here to view this demo!

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